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Plan, Measure & Optimize Your Funnels In One Visual Canvas

Finally there’s a way to map out entire funnel strategies, measure their performance across different channels and have a birds eye view of what to optimize next without any spreadsheets or graphs that no one understands.

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Plan, Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Funnel In One Visual Canvas

Funnelytics is the only tool that lets you plan, measure, and optimize your funnels and campaigns visually. Unlike 99% of tools, it’s designed for optimization and doesn’t require a Ph.D. in data science…


Plan & Strategize

We’ve made mapping out traffic sources, actions, pages and any other step in the customer journey VISUAL.

“I love this tool. You’re going to love it. This is something I would easily pay $3,000 or $4,000 for, or more.”

Russell Brunson, 9-Figure Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of Clickfunnels


Set Goals & Plan for Profit

  • Set Ad spend, conversion rates, and targets to understand numbers you need to hit to make a profit
  • Avoid costly mistakes, plan smarter and simulate results before you build

“This software is AMAZING! Such a great way to map out and analyze the effectiveness of your funnels. Also comes in super handy when you’re trying to land new clients who don’t know what a funnel is as it gives you a really simple and attractive visual representation/explanation!”

Ryan Martin, Marketer


Measure Performance Of Your Funnels VISUALLY

Need to find a  data insight or a conversion rate for a specific step in your funnel? Just define the path/steps you want to see and Funnelytics will calculate it for you!

You Can Track These Things In Seconds!

  • Why some people bought & others didn’t?
  • How far down the page did they scroll?

  • Where are the dropoff points?

“I used to have SIX analytics tools and I needed to hire multiple people to help me interpret how visitors were becoming customers.

Funnelytics is saving me time and headaches by giving me ONE visual tool to see what’s happening with my traffic and funnels.”



“If I Increase My Conversion By 20% What Would Happen?”

Funnelytics calculates that for you! This can not only help you forecast the changes you need to make but compare against your initial estimates of how the funnel was supposed to perform.

  • Calculate how changes in conversion would affect your ROI, profit, and expenses

  • Compare current numbers against initial estimates you had before building the funnel

  • Discover in seconds what you need to work on next to get closer to your goal

“I did another $10k + $2k retainer sales this week with it” 🔥

Damien Plutino, Founder, Marketing Sales Pros, LLC


Instant Visual Access to the Metrics You Care About – Without Compiling a Report!

Normally calculating the key metrics that you care about would require generating custom reports based on data from multiple different tools. The problem? Not only is it a waste of time but it’s also very difficult to interpret!

  • Show ROI, Revenue, Expenses, Conversion rates and more, at a glance!

  • No more complicated spreadsheets, graphs or inconsistent data

  • Generated automatically and updated in real time!

“The data is soooo much easier to read than using the likes of Google Analytics. Which is huge plus point when presenting to customers. Most clients that want sales and marketing funnels are not data nerds 😉 like some of us 😄”

Matt Stringer, Marketer

You’re 15 Mins Away From Tracking Your Funnels & Campaigns The Right Way

No more spreadsheets, no more charts, no more custom reports. Start tracking your funnels properly with Funnelytics Pro. We’ll help you get started.